2 Kings 17:38-39     “Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods. Rather, worship the LORD your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.”

Psalm 84:2     “My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”

The other day, I was driving on a long country road, and saw something that struck my eye. I looked up, and for what was nearly a mile, I could see lines and lines of birds migrating. What had to have been hundreds and hundreds, possibly over a thousand, birds moved in “V” shaped patterns across the clear sky. It was breathtaking. It was overwhelming. I have seen birds migrate in groups before, of course, but never this many at one time. I laughed at myself as I thought of how those birds congreagated together like church goers when they hear the word “potluck!”

But I also thought to myself, “How does the bird know to do this?” How do they know when to migrate? How do they all know to migrate together? How do they know where to go? How do they know to fly in that pattern? Now I am fully aware that one can answer these questions with science and biology. But I have a different answer…God. Man fears what he cannot explain or understand. We have spent our existence trying to explain why the stars hang in the sky, why the ant is so strong, why the owl sleeps during the day, and why the birds migrate. And as our gracious Lord has so chosen to reveal His majestic creation to us, some of these explanations may be correct. However, I propose a simple truth…God did it. God told the stars where to shine; God gave the ant tremendous strength; God put it in the owl to sleep at daytime, and God put it in the bird to migrate. The birds did not have to create a Facebook event inviting all birds in the state to meet at that morning at 7am. They just knew what to do, when to do it, and where to go. Isn’t it amazing! The very nature of the lands and waters and living creatures on this beautiful planet SCREAMS the glory of God!

Psalm 86:8-10 reminds us that we have been created to enjoy perfect communion with the Lord. We have been granted the backstage pass to the great Concert in the heavenly places! We have been invited to come, to worship, and to bring glory to the name of our great and marvelous God. Oh, how we are so unworthy!

Among the gods there is none like you, Lord;
no deeds can compare with yours.
All the nations you have made
will come and worship before you, Lord;
they will bring glory to your name.
For you are great and do marvelous deeds;
you alone are God.

Just as the great Creator gave the bird the natural instinct to migrate, He has given us the natural instinct to worship. We are all worshiping something, someone. It may be a person, a career, a social status, the opinions of others, a house or car,…or even ourselves. It is in us to worship. We do it without thinking, like taking our next breath or blinking our eyes. We are all worshipping something.

The Word of God tells us that we cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13). We are also told that we are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). You see, the difference between us and the bird is that we have been given a choice…WHAT WILL YOU WORSHIP? The Lord does not desire spiritual robots who serve Him mindlessly. Rather, He desires us to worship Him as our response to the great love He has displayed to us in bringing us salvation, and through that we would fall in love with Him and desire Him and long to be in communion with Him and bring Him glory with our lives.

What are you worshipping? What are you migrating towards? You do have a choice. And through Jesus Christ, you have been given every spiritual blessing, ability, authority, and strength to chose to worship and migrate to the LORD.

To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Colossians 1:27


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