A Letter to My Husband

Ladies, so often we take the wind right out of our husband’s sails, when the Lord has called us to be the wind beneath their wings. We are so quick to correct and critique our husbands, when we need to be encouraging and lifting them up. We so easily assume the role as our husband’s judge, when we have been created to be his helpmate. Below is a letter to our husbands. Speak truth and life and encouragement and power over your husband. Respect him EVEN WHEN he does not act lovingly to you. Honor him EVEN WHEN he disregards you. Lift him up and empower him EVEN WHEN you think he does not deserve it. For you are doing it as unto the Lord. And a very supernatural thing happens when we treat our husband with respect and honor – he becomes a man worthy of respect and honor. For that is the great role God predestined for us. The wise Lord crafted Eve out of a rib from Adam’s side. Therefore, without Eve, Adam is incomplete. Our husbands need us. They need us to remind them of the great men of God they are, and they need us to treat them like the mighty warriors of the Lord that they are. My friend, this man is the most important person in your life. Yes, even before your children. The greatest gift you could give your children is the strength of your marriage.


Dear Husband,

To the man whom the Lord has ordained to lead me in this life…To the man who has vowed to continually strive to cherish me and love me…To the man whom I have vowed to honor and respect…To the man who knows the most intimate parts of me and my deepest secrets, fears, worries, and dreams.

I respect you for the work you do, to provide for our family. I honor you for your desire to lead our family in the will of the Lord. I respect you for not letting me have my way, when you know it is not congruent with what the Lord would want for us. I honor you for your desire and efforts to provide security for our family. I respect you for carrying with dignity the weight and responsibility of leading our family. I honor you for not giving up when things have gotten really really hard.

And seeing you as a father, just makes me fall in love with you even more. I see your humor and joy when you read to our children at night and instill security in their little hearts as you tuck them in bed, kiss them on the forehead, and let them know the monsters can’t touch them, because “daddy is here.” I see your gentleness when our children come to you with broken hearts or hurt feelings or scrapped knees, and you wrap them in your arms and magically make their world perfect again. I see your fatherly love when you discipline our children and correct their misbehavior, loving them enough to lead them in the path of righteousness. And, oh, when you pray over our children! When I have the blessed opportunity to join you in calling the power of the Holy Spirit over our children, I see angels come from heaven and feel the presence of the Lord fill our home.

When we share those speechless looks that travel deep into eachother’s soul – when you hold me and I’m suddenly safe from all harm – when you lead me to join you on your knees before the throne of the Most High – when you caress our sleeping child in your strong arms – and yes, even when you correct me when I am being less than who God has destined and created me to be…those are the moments when I am taken back to the first tI’ve my heart skipped a beat with my love for you.

Today, my love, I want you to breath in the REST of the Lord and breath out His praises. I challenge you to take time away from your many responsibilities today, and soak in the Word and Truth of the Lord. You are my hero. You are a strong man of God and I am so blessed that I get to rest under the protection of your umbrella. Please forgive me for the times I’ve made you doubt my loyalty to you. On our wedding day, I made a vow to be yours and to make you mine. Forgive me for when I have not honored that promise. I respect you. I honor you. I love you and I always will.

You need to know that I respect you and honor you, in the sanctity of our home AND especially in the open view of public. You need to know that I will never leave and I will never give up on us. You need to know that I will never forget that the Lord has brought us together, to do His work and glorify Him..together! You need to know that I am better with you. You need to know that I am proud of you.  I trust you and I respect you. I am following your lead in this beautiful dance of life, as the Lord takes us on this abundant journey together.



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