Dirty Hands

I cower in the corner of this room of shame,

Fear, doubt, anxiety, guilt – they all know my name.

I’m sinful, I’m broken, I’m crippled and torn,

Yet You tell me You knew me before I was born?

My hands are dirty, my heart unclean.

Lord, I’m unworthy. I’ve made too many mistakes,

When I should be living for Your name’s sake.

Turn your face from me, Lord, I don’t deserve Your love,

It takes all I am to believe in Your mercy from above.

My hands are dirty, my heart unclean.

This pure white bridal dress You gave me,

I’ve torn and muddied in my failed attempts to be free.

Doing things my way, in my plan, living by my own accord,

Every time falling on my face, loosing more than I can afford.

My hands are dirty, my heart unclean.

I hide in the corner here, I cannot stand,

The demons mock me, accuse me, imprison me in this hellish land.

This is my curse, by punishment well deserved,

To live this life dead, defeated, and unnerved.

Bondage is my reality and death is my future,

I am cursed with sin, not to be given a cure.

But wait…Could it be? Is that a light I see?

Shining so intense,

Forgiveness to commence?

A hand reaches out…

Revealing what I’ve been without.

Love dirties His hands,

Victory before me stands,

Then kneels so we are eye to eye,

“My daughter, I made you to fly!

Take my hand and I’ll lead you out,

With Me, you will never be without.”

But, Lord, don’t you see my shame and guilt.

I have destroyed the beautiful creation You have built.

My hands are dirty and my heart is unclean,

I don’t deserve this great love I have seen.

“Exactly, my Dear! My love is not to be earned,

But freely given to you, to be yearned.

I loved you before you knew what was love,

I saw you on that cross from above.

I knew the sin and cost, but My love for you overflowed,

As my death on the cross and resurrection showed.

I have pursued you and dirtied My hands to bring you home.

You are Mine, safe, saved, no longer to roam.”

I take His hand, forgiven and never looking back,

With the power of Jesus Christ to stand against any attack.

He leads me out of the dark pit I once called mine,

Toward true freedom and purpose and joy divine.

My bridal gown made new, washed pure with the Lamb’s blood,

My chains broken and heart made clean with a purifying flood.

My King, My Jesus, how can I express my thanksgiving?

My gaze is locked on You, whose praises I sing!

“Your Response, My Daughter. That is your “thank you.”

Respond with a life honoring Me, living in what is True.

Don’t let go of My hand, don’t take your eyes off of Me,

Invite the power of My salvation and Spirit, and you will see.

Seek Me, believe Me, and find in Me your Rest…

And, oh! I surely will give you My very very best!!!!”



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