Dear women, beloved and beautiful daughters:

The Lord is inviting you to find rest at His feet. To give Him every burden that weighs you down, every pain that cripples you, every secret that shames you. He wants all of you, because He created you fearfully and wonderfully and He loves you! He is at the edge of His seat, just waiting for you to accept His invitation. Just waiting for you to surrender to Him. He calls to us, “My Beloved, come to Me. Stop striving. Stop worrying. I am here to replace your fear with joy, your hate with love, your brokenness with healing. I am here to give you a beautiful headdress instead of ashes and a song of gladness instead of mourning.” My desire is to create a safe place where women can come together, be vulnerable with each other and with the Lord, lift each other in prayer and love, and encourage each other to live victorious lives. May we become women of faith who every day choose to believe the truth of the Lord over the lies of the enemy. May we grow to find our joy in the love of our good good Father, our freedom in the salvation of Jesus Christ, and our victory in the power of the Holy Spirit!

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